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Let's get started with MuFo

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About MuFo

A totally new sensation of sharing music experience, anytime, anywhere, any place.

MuFo is a web service for sharing music.
Simply getting on board Mufos, flying around you & Mufo aliens, who love music, invite you to an unknown music experience.

  • No charge
  • No APPs
  • Brand-new service dedicated to smart phones

Let's get started with MuFo

How to play


Turn on the location service on your smart phone.

The area where you are will be shown on the home screen and you can view the music which is linked with the location.


Let's get on the MuFo.

You can visit MuFo simply by tapping it on your screen.
Shake your smart phone, if you can find any Mufos.


Welcome to the flying DJ booth.

You can choose songs by swiping the images of album to the right or left. Songs can be added easily.
Act like a DJ and enjoy the music!


Create your own Mufo.

You can create a new MuFo from the home screen.
Users from all over the world will join you on your Mufo and boost your booth.

Enjoy anywhere you want and anywhere you like.

  • It can be currently where you are
    or some place whereyou once visited
    sometime ago.

  • You can also create a Mufo
    with a specific theme and request other users
    to add music relevant to the theme.

  • Listen to MuFo everyone
    as communication with friends.

Project Team

Mufo development team was set up based on a creation unit “Fujitsu UXCLUB” conducted by the Fujitsu Group.
We have been working on activities continuously including participating “078”, the first compound cross-media event in Kobe in May, 2017, as well as “No Maps” in Sapporo in October, 2017.We hope to utilize our service to realize the experience that create new values by working together among and between participates, cast members and exhibitors.

Exhibit record

  • 078 kobe
  • No Maps

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